Paul, the Apostle says in II Corinthians 4:1-2, 7: “Therefore since we hold and engage in this ministry by the mercy of God (granting us favor, benefits, opportunities and especially salvation), we do not get discouraged (spiritless and despondent with fear) or become faint with weariness and exhaustion. We have renounced disgraceful ways (secrets, thoughts, feelings, desires and underhandedness), the methods and arts, that we hide through shame); we refuse to deal craftily (to practice trickery and cunning) or to adulterate or handle dishonesty the Word of God, but we state the truth openly (clearly and candidly). And so we commend ourselves in the sight and presence of God to every man’s conscience. We understand according to the Word of God: “but we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the Excellency of the power may be in God and not of ourselves.” (Amplified Bible)

Therefore this Christian ministry; the Department of Women Ministry is proud to say that we are a committee that seek, searches out, and invite all women on all levels who has a calling for kingdom building and a love for ministry.

We are a committee that desires to aide Women in Ministry to look within themselves to (1) find and know their purpose in the kingdom of God and their local church body (2) to learn how to enter into their local church body with their ministering gifts, as to when and how they can work together with their local pastors and church leadership, (3) to encourage Pastors to seek and understand their spiritual women and their need to express their gifts within the ministry without power struggles through the spirit of unity, (4) to encourage and promote the spirit of excellence within the women in the ministry, (5) we do not focus on women in the pulpit only but women in ministry which include the laity, (6) we desire to teach women how to bring pride, feminism, dignity and holiness to the Lord’s ministry and to teach them that they do not have to apologize for their femininity.

We invite all women to our meetings, teaching sessions and profound preaching. We are a creative and inventive committee. All Christian women are laborers, co-laborers and servants of the Lord’s house. All Christian women have ministering gifts and we want to exalt you highly so that the body of Christ will be able to identify the work that the Holy Spirit will do and has done in your lives.


GRDA Women's Ministry

The Executive Board

President Emeritus | 

President | Dr. Evelena Oliver

Vice President | Dr. Phyllis Forte

Secretary | Elder Renee' Mills
Assistant Secretary | Minister Lila Edwards

Treasurer | Pastor Nannie Stevens

Minister of Music | 
Elder Tonya Oliver

Special Events
Elder Cynthia Crumel, Evangelist Essie Loftin

Morning Glory
Evangelist Essie Loftin, Evangelist Sylvia Pulley

Committee Members
Pastor Katie Armstrong | Dr. Dianna Peppers

Assistant Treasurers

Dr. Dorothy Heath