GRDA Secretaries & Administrator's - FORMS

The following forms are available for download:

1. Business Session Verbal Report – Form used when each pastor is reporting during the Annual, Mid-Year, and District Union Session.

2. Assessments and Registration Schedule – Details of what each officer is expected to pay and the timeline needed for payment.

3. Finance Reporting Form – Detailed report that each pastor is expected to represent while we are in session. This detailed report is due every 1st Tuesday of each Month.

4. Deceased Members Report – Used for the Necrology committee presentation during the Annual Session.

5. Removal of Credential Holder – If a local church Elder, Minister, Deacon, Mother or Trustee leaves GRDA by other reason and or death this form is to be used to remove them from the official clerical and officer roster of the District Church.

6. Application for Ordination – Individuals who have met constitutional requirements and are now ready for Ordination. This form is to be filled out prior to Ordination and delivered to the Board of Ministry along with the Pastoral recommendation letter for Ordination.

7. District Elder Activity Report – Details the respective activity that a District Elder held within his/her local district.

8. District Elder Visitation Report – Form used when District Elder travels to local church on regularly scheduled or called visit. Pastor and local Church Secretary must sign.

9. Application for Ministerial Privilege License – Individuals who preach their initial sermon must secure this form from the Board of Ministry before preaching and the form must be completed and a copy sent back to the Assembly Secretary office for filing.

10. Address Change – If there is an address change recurring during the church year, please send this form the Assembly Secretary office for regular updating.