In 1904, the Goldsboro-Raleigh and the Washington and Norfolk District Assemblies met at Vine Swamp, Kinston, N.C. presented to the quadrennial session a proposal to purchase a school site. During this assembly we decided to purchase two acres of land from the Brown Brothers in Greenville N.C. for the sum of seven hundred dollars, which was paid in full. Goldsboro-Raleigh and Washington Norfolk met as one body at the time of this transaction. We held the land several years without any improvements what so ever.

Elder BJ Gregory served on the purchasing committee from the west side of the Tar River and Elders WA James and IV Keys were the committee from the east side of the Tar River. In the Annual Assembly at Broad Creek, Pantego, N.C. in October 1910, we decided to sell the land in Greenville to the Missionary Baptists and to purchase a more desirable site in Goldsboro, N.C., the site upon which the Institute now stands. It was erected the same year, 1910, under the direction of Professor Edgar Stonewall Lapadoth Whitfield, A.B., the first principal, and Professor BF Simmons, the first assistant principal. Elder Whitfield worked in the log woods getting wood to build the school. He contracted pneumonia while logging and later died. He did not get to see the completion of the building.           Download the Complete Historical Sketch

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