Welcome to the headquarters building of the Goldsboro-Raleigh District Assembly (GRDA) and the Goldsboro Disciples Institute (GDI).  Our mission and goal is to train, develop, and enrich disciples for ministry.

God's Army of 1000

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Upcoming Events

November District Union Meeting

Saturday, 11/28 | 9:30am Business Session 11:00am Worship Service, Pastor Katie Armstrong, Zion Springs Bunn
Sunday, 11/29 at 11:00am | Dr. Winfred Parker, Howell Chapel, Selma

February 25-27: GRDA Women's Conference 

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General Assembly Retreat: May 11 - 14 Download                             registration packet

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WHO will weep for the city?

Prayer call each Thursday morning at 6am

Dial-in:  605.562.3140

Passcode:  113847

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